Best Practice #1 For Hybrid Events and Auctions – Internet

Now that we are full steam ahead with Gala & Special Event Season…

Note – not all facilities come with the best in wifi or hardwire connections for internet services. Make sure you test the services prior to your event AND that you get what you paid for…

Best in show – is fiber 1000/1000, but most services can work well with 1000/35, 500/35 or 300/35 – AND the speed you are paying for should reflect those numbers.

First number is your download speed, second number is your upload one. So determine what type of hybrid (virtual) part of the event you’d like:

1) Attendees to watch only
2) To have them interact

This will help determine what service is right for you. It will also help with building your event on the virtual platform of choice ie. zoom, teams etc…

Download speeds are important for Gala’s that promote virtual auctions on-site as well. Attendees can’t bid if they can’t download the images of auction items at your event. Fast upload speeds are great for presentations ie. panelists, polling, webinars and beating out a table mate that tries to outbid you.

If you’re in a local hotel, note they may have virtual partitions on their services ie. 20% internet used for their own hotel business, 25% for the hotel rooms, and 55% for meeting rooms, yes only 55%. So simply asking for the internet speeds is not enough in this case. Also depending on the time of your event – if its a lunch or busy evening, those numbers can be different.

Need help to navigate those waters to get the right answers #? Just reach out.

It simply comes down to – What do you want your audience to experience? #audienceengagementgroup#nonprofitevents