The Keys to a Successful Event

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Audience Hog – When a Presenter goes Rogue

So you just got your last presenter up on stage before lunch – you’ve left the room to make sure the food is on time and on its way from chef. Your Social Marketing team has done a great job at getting the word out and generating late registrants. Your On-Site Event Manager is able…
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Capturing an Audience – In a nutshell By Audience Engagement Group

Everyone who gives a presentation wants it to be meaningful and knowing how an audience absorbs information is a key factor. Below are some reminders and insights as to how audiences retain information. It’s our hope that if one follows these guidelines, you will have more successful presentations and interactions. 65% of the US population…
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Audience Engagement Group Best Practice for PPT Presentations

Below are some quick tips to help with power point presentations. Some are simple reminders but others are best practice. Whether you are an event professional or you’ve been asked to speak at an upcoming function – SOMEONE believes you have something important to say – make sure you’re prepared to give your best by…
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At Audience Engagement Group, we’ve chosen to provide services to organizations who would otherwise not afford event production services. If you are a group, who is of non-profit status (Section 501(c)(3)) or similar, and require services please let us know. We will be more than happy to work within your budget and often support in-kind…
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