Best Practice #3

Power point presentations and embedding videos or aka Why ppt videos may not work outside your home or office..

When you are presenting your material with power point take note of how you embed videos. Do your best to save a video first to your laptop (make sure it’s safe) and then drop it into the slide. If you link it directly to You Tube or even to a work server that has your information, you may not have the proper access due to firewalls when you present. Most folks say, “I tried it on two separate computers and it worked fine”… The trick is – what access do those computers have and do they have access at your chosen location?

Here’s another tidbit, when you regularly gain access to work servers they ‘know’ your computer, and recognize the IP. When you are at a conference, it’s different, it may not recognize it. You will need to connect to the venue’s internet which will not have the same parameters, almost the same concept as above.

Also if your production company or agency producing the event is a ‘blackbelt’ at taking care of their clients, the video/graphic engineers will copy your video and place it on a mac computer to play. Because apple computers run on linux, the videos are more stable, and tend not to get hung up by Win10. Also note those blackbelt companies will remove and destroy the copy too. Btw, Audience Engagement Group is a ‘blackbelt’ company.

If you have sensitive information, check with production prior to giving your presentation to them. This will save you heartache later.

Lastly, whenever possible, run through your power point presentation with production prior to giving your speech – this I can’t stress enough. You can even check fonts to make sure they transferred over and any particulars with video or other access rights you might need. #audienceengagementgroup