Audience Engagement Group

Event Production Services

  • 3d & Cad Design
      • 3d creation and set design with vector works, Cad design with accurate structural drawings, automated process for fire marshal approval.


  • Audio, Video
      • Audio that fits the needs of your event, not just what’s on the shelf. From 20 to 15,000 people.
      • Video which includes Image, cameras, switcher, E2, projection, blending


  • Lighting, Scenic, Rigging, Staging, Pyro
      • Lighting both rigged and ground supported LED and intelligent lighting.
      • Scenic set design, construction and branding for your event.
      • Rigging for interior and exterior events.
      • Staging for 2000 square foot multi-level decks with dress of carpet and skirting.
      • Pyro that includes cold fusion, interior and exterior fireworks. Creation of wow moments.


  • Venue Coordination
      • We are an advocate for clients and experts on negotiating with venues before and after you sign.


  • Freight and Marshalling

      • Ship and receive freight. Truck marshal when needed.